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Anonymous asked: Oh no! I love every moment of it :D , am seriously thinking of making a file for Lest x Forte now lol dat poison cooking man.



But, if we think carefully about it again, how could she even manage to make Formula X for your mealbox anyway? I mean, it’s chemistry recipe, not cooking! So, she shouldn’t have been able to get it if she really did some cooking! Do-don’t tell me she does it…on purpose?! D:

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Anonymous asked: I just want to thank you for translating the comics!


Anytime for you, dear Anon!

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Anonymous asked: Ah, thank you for translating those VishnalxFrey and Lest comics. They made me smile. Btw, do you happen to have more RF4 comics translated? I'd really love to see more :3


You’re welcome! They made me smile/laugh, too, so I just wanted everyone else to see them as well. Yup! You can find more comic by clicking this ‘comic' tag. Beware of my bias showing, tho.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know the location of double sonic and darkness spell book? Only 2 of them and my magic collection will be complete.


Double Sonic= Idra Cave B2. It’s in box no. 10.

Darkness= Leon Karnak. It’s in box no 5.

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Anonymous asked: Hello... Uhm... Is there any special even that i need to unlock before i trigger the reverse proposal thing? How fp/lp would i need? Thank you.


Yup! You need at least 10 LP, have been on >3 dates and have seen the prerequisite event for the reverse proposal. Check what event you need to see for your guy here. Also, for the guardians, you must also have cleared the 1st plot.

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Anonymous asked: I seriously went through all of this blog, I love it. Thanks for making it :)



D’aww! Thank you for taking your time looking through this blog, too! I really, really hope that you didn’t find it as a waste of time, ahaha ;w;

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Anonymous asked: Yay! Your ask is finally open again! Okay, now for some totally different kind of questions =w= Do you ship other pair than Vishnal/Frey and Lest/Venti? What if rival couple exist? How about NOTP? I wish there were rival couples and childrens in this game like RF2. It kinda make me sad to see no one else get married. I think some events between rival kids and your kid would be adorable, too. (ps. I'm sorry if this questions annoy you, please just ignore it if that's the case ;-;)


Of course you didn’t annoy me at all! In fact, I don’t mind getting this kind of question once in a while. 

Actually, I like MCxVenti more as BFF4Lyfe thing than romantically. But anyway, aside those two, in my ship harbour you can also find FreyxClorica, LestxClorica and LestxVishnal. And then, fluffy Royal Butler Sandwich is obviously my guilty pleasure OT3 (=w=)b

I guess I also like LestxForte, LestxDolce and some on/off period for LestxAmber. JonesxNancy sails itself (mostly thanks to Dolce’s event). Then, I kinda like BadoxForte…

For your daily dose of crack, I have Young!Volcanon-> Young!Blossom (thanks to this one convo I had before with a friend) and Masked TurnipxVishnal.

As for NOTP….LeonXFrey. Not my cup of tea at all. I’m also kinda meh about LeonxXiao. His teasing is kinda-like a double-edge sword for Xiao’s self-esteem imo…

Rival marriages would be nice indeed! I wanted to see more children for your kid to hang out with, too! Especially another twins! Animal Parade or RF2 kid events and interactions were adorable! Rival kids is one of my favorite aspect in HM/RF. It’s so cute to see how much the kid take after their parents and how much their parents fawn over their kid. But, I’m still satisfied with the kid events we got in RF4. All of them are just too cute ;3;

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Anonymous asked: Hi I was just wondering but does iron waltz and striking march actually make a big difference? My monsters used to have music notes over their head when I used it but now they don't, and I'm wondering if it works anymore or if I'm even casting it properly, maybe. Thank you!


Hmm, is your monster tired (HP is less than half)?

I remember that it won’t give you  ♪ icon if its HP is low (it has annoyed icon when it’s not in your party).

Also, as long as you bring the monster with you when you use the skill, then you’ll automatically cast it properly.

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